About Us

development organization founded by Ms. Suman Bang, Mr. Ashok Bang and Late Dr.(Ms.) Padmaja Rani. Chetana means “consciousness,” and Vikas means “development.” We believe that human consciousness of problems exists in a cycle with personal and community development. The ongoing cycle of “Chetana Vikas” is our philosophy, and we believe that promoting both consciousness and development within rural villages can help people, families, and communities to

a) respond to the ongoing agrarian crisis, and

b) empower women and promote positive gender interactions.

Who we are:

  • A non-profit social organization
  • Registered under statutory acts
  • A non-political team of committed scientists and social activists dedicated to a cause through interventions of scientific research, technology and social action.

Who we work with:

  • On the microlevel: We work with over 5,000 families, thus reaching close to 20,000 individuals. We work with farmers, village pioneers, men, women, and youth. We help form and sustain over 350 self-help groups, and we work in over 120 villages in Wardha, India.
  • On the macrolevel: Our organization functions as a Resource Centre for other sustainable development groups, social activists, and policy making agencies in India and across the globe

Where we work: Our organization is based in Wardha, India, a region close to Nagpur in the state of Maharashtra.

Global Giving Challenge

Chetana Vikas is excited to announce that it is participating in the annual Global Giving Challenge! To learn more about the challenge and how to be a part of helping Chetana Vikas, click the image below to visit the Chetana Vikas Global Giving Challenge website by clicking the image below.