Objectives and Approaches

  1. Two way approach of building up critical consciousness among people(i.e CHETANA)and Development of human and physical resources(VIKAS).
  2. Special emphasis on science , technology in modern as well as traditional knowledge systems being harnessed for empowering people and their development.
  3. Innovations, action-research & development extension of appropriate models of programs for some important aspects of life ,its field testing which in turn is emulated and taken up by several villages in local area and is useful for several Organizations and activists in India and abroad.
  4. Identify and prioritize problems of the people and to develop proper solutions which are family based and community based .Evaluate the results to testify and further create a model . The approach has resulted in solutions having bearing with policies at all levels.
  5. Human Resource Development (Knowledge-Attitude-Skills)at all levels starting from village-community level, and identifying and nurturing special abilities and talents.
  6. Bringing the neglected or left out disadvantaged sections of society into the mainstream of development to contribute and receive strength from it, especially women, small farmers, labourers, socially deprived sections.

Global Giving Challenge

Chetana Vikas is excited to announce that it is participating in the annual Global Giving Challenge! To learn more about the challenge and how to be a part of helping Chetana Vikas, click the image below to visit the Chetana Vikas Global Giving Challenge website by clicking the image below.