Ms. Suman Bang

Ms. Bang is a committed, motivated ‘life-activist’ for social development and women’s rights.  She has a Masters in Economics from Nagpur University.  She was the principal of an experimental high school running on the Gandhian model of “New Education.”   She was also the  editor of a weekly for peaceful change with state wide outreach.  She has been a leading participant in National Movement for village republics and voluntary land reform movement (Bhoodan movement).  She is a current trustee and executive member of Kasturba Gandhi Memorial Trust – a national organization for women and rural development. She is also a pioneer activist on various issues related to self-reliant and holistic empowerment of rural women.

Mr. Muralidhar Morey

Specializes in education and womens’ development.  He has undergone several special courses and trainings in various fields of rural development. An innovative farmer and a committed activist for village micro planning, village self-governance and federation activities for economic empowerment.

Mr. Ashok Bang

A Master in Horticulture with Pomology special; from Indian Agriculture Research Institute (IARI) and a former research fellow at Indian Council of Agriculture Research (ICAR) – both premier apex institutes for Agriculture Research and Development in India. A gold medalist  in Agriculture Sciences, Founder & Director of Chetana-Vikas, he had been an active youth leader involved in organization building and networking for development and peace activities.  Co-Founder and a Steering Committee Member of National Organic Farming Association and of International Network on Sustainable Agriculture (India) and Association for Propagation of Indigenous Genetic Resources (APIGR).  His current work focuses on technology development, research and dissemination of  alternatives in Sustainable organic agriculture, Natural Resource Management and on dryland horticulture.

Ms. Sheela Lamse

Starting from village-life, she has gone on to specialize in child education and development and womens’ development.  A former coordinator of child development programmes at Chetana-Vikas, her major interest and activities today are empowerment for rural women and their organization for economic, social and political empowerment.

Ms. Niranjana Maru

A master in Botany with Ecology special.  She is the Head of the Department of Sustainable Agriculture and Natural Resource Management.  Her special interest and work is in alternative technology development for Sustainable Agriculture, Field-based Micro-Watershed Development, with prime focus on food and nutrition security.  Co-founder and current member of National Steering Committee of a National Organic Farming Association.  Co-founder Member, National Governing Council, Participatory Guarantee System India (PGS) related to development of alternative marketing system for small farmers.

Ms. Sandhya Satpute

An active and professional family counselor since past eight years.  She specializes on trainings and awareness on legal aid and rights of women in family and society with special focus on domestic violence and other exploitations like dowry.

Global Giving Challenge

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