Agricultural Development

Agriculture is at the heart of village life and productivity. However, many parts of India are currently facing an agrarian crisis. The farmer groups working with Chetana Vikas have taken up the responsibility of emerging from this crisis to promote higher productivity, profitability, sustainability, and quality of life for themselves and for other farming families in their villages.

Highlighting the Agrarian Crisis

Did you know that over 60% of the Indian population depends directly on the agricultural industry? However, most of the farming in India depends on rainfall, which is highly variant. During periods of drought, there is a vast lack of resources not only for farmers, but also for the rest of the country who depends on agriculture to meet their daily needs. Farmers cannot often meet their basic needs to provide for their families due to erratic variations in productivity and growth on their land. Thus, more than half of farmers want to quit their jobs, and many unfortunately feel pushed to commit suicide.

Chetana Vikas focuses on 4 major areas of improvement through it’s programs in supporting rural farmers. They are 1) Productivity 2) Profitability 3) Sustainability of Resources and 4) Quality of Life for Farmers.

Our objective for our agricultural development program: To promote self-reliance amongst farmers in order to improve the productivity of their land, profitability of their farming business, sustainability of their resources, and stability and quality of life for them and their families.

Our programs for achieving our objective: We have 5 key programs as part of our agricultural development initiative. They are listed below. These programs are all closely tied with one another. Please click on each program link to learn more about it’s specific goals and initiatives:

1) Soil and Water Conservation

2) Biomass Generation

3) Ecological Pest Management

4) Appropriate Seeds (Beej Swaraj)

5) Alternative Marketing for Organic Produce

Global Giving Challenge

Chetana Vikas is excited to announce that it is participating in the annual Global Giving Challenge! To learn more about the challenge and how to be a part of helping Chetana Vikas, click the image below to visit the Chetana Vikas Global Giving Challenge website by clicking the image below.