Women Empowerment


As women hold up half the sky, it becomes imperative that they should be brought out of this shell of darkness, silence and powerlessness into the mainstream of development and to the process of gaining control over the self, over ideology and the resources determining power. This empowerment process “refers to a range of activities from individual self-assertion to collective resistance, protest and mobilization that challenge basic power relations. For individuals and groups where class, caste, ethnicity and gender determine their access to resources and power, their empowerment begins when they not only recognize the systemic forces that oppress them, but act to change existing power relationship. Empowerment therefore, is a process aimed at changing the nature and direction of systemic forces which marginalize women and other disadvantaged section in a given context”.


Enclosed, and brought up in the “culture of silence,” the rural women’s lives start, continue and end up in this darkness of silence.

They do not have control over any resources around them whether it be “Physical resources (like land, water, forests), intellectual resources (knowledge, information, ideas), financial resources (money, access to credit), and the self (that unique combination of intelligence, creativity, self-esteem and confidence) nor over ideology which means the ability to determine beliefs, values, attitudes, ways of thinking and perceiving situations. Control over resources and ideology are so inseparably and integrally linked together that the loss of control over them leads to a spiral with more and more powerlessness and helplessness within an individual and community.

Over and above these, is the total absence of women in the political mainstream of the villages (despite the 33% reservation) and thereby no say in the development work concerning themselves, their children, families, villages and their Natural Resources.
Chetana-Vikas has been concentrating on the issues of rural women, accepting holistic integrated development approach for their empowerment. The programme is Education, Development and Organization of rural women for bringing out the unrealized potentials of self and guidance for organized social action.

Women Development Activities

  • Economic Empowerment
  • Political Empowerment
  • Socio-Cultural Empowerment
  • Family Counseling
  • Natural Resource Management

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